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Why do i need a website?

The first thing potential clients see when they search for your business online is your website. There is a very significant probability that potential customers may go on to a rival that has invested the necessary time and attention into their website if your effective website is not user-friendly

What information do I need to provide?

As much information regarding your business as possible (Logo, company profile, contact details etc.)

How long does the process take

After gathering all the necessary data, the website design takes 15 working days, and you are given a further 5 working days for assessment and comments.

To what extent may I access my website?

You will have full access to your website because it comes in with a functional cpanel and database which enables you control the site from the backend

How is the payment procedure carried out?

As much information regarding your business as possible (Logo, company profile, contact details etc.)

After delivery, can I make modifications to the website?

We would have a session with you with. short videos teaching you how to make basic changes to your site after the handover of the site.



Businesses that are just getting started and are prepared to start their adventure (charity, choaching, Hr, etc.) should try this!



You require a website for your daily activities? Customers communicate with you via your website? and do you keep information up to date on your website? Then this strategy is for you.

Core plan


You need a custom web app that host all the function of your business, for example a logistics app or a bank app or even your e-commerce store? then this plan goes for you.

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