Motivating, inspiring, and converting traffic into customers all depend on effective writing.

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How good are your writers?

A key component of our process is ensuring excellent writers. Ours have a range of professional experiences and have written website content before. We only have writers who can satisfy our high requirements, unlike some of our competition we do not have 1-, 2-, and 3-star web content writers.

How would you be aware of my business?

You'd be astonished at how skillfully our writers can step into your shoes. After spending time getting to know you or your business, your Arete account manager will share that information with your writer or writers. Share information about the SEO criteria, sample content, brand requirements and more.

How quick can it be done?

In 5 business days, we may get you a first draft of 1-3 pages, and in 2 weeks, up to 10 pages. Every page includes one round of feedback and editing, which must be submitted within seven days of receiving drafts. Please give yourself an extra week if you ask for modifications. You have the option to reject the initial submission for each page. If you do, please extend your deadline by one week. We can go more quickly the less feedback we receive. Timing depends on whether you reject your initial submissions or ask for revisions of any submissions.

Do you re-write already-existing websites?

Yes, we can either completely rebuild an existing site or develop entirely fresh material for a new site. However, we don't redesign websites where we choose which information should be removed, what should be rewritten, and which areas should be entirely rewritten.

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