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Why You Need A landing Page

PPC Advertising

A landing page dedicated to a specific advertisement appears higher in search results because Google judges the quality of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising partly on its relevance to the linked page. A dedicated landing page with PPC advertising can be used to feature a new product whose exclusivity creates momentum for sales. It can draw customers looking for a specific price.

Focus Attention

A landing page focuses visitors’ attention on the content. They can either complete the call to action or return to search results.


Attract different types of customers

Custom landing pages can be created to appeal to different types of customers. The content, page style, advertising, and offer it contains will determine its impact on the targeted customer group.

Easier testing

A landing page is one page with one focus, making it easier to test. With the right tools, the page can be tested often to make it compelling and user-friendly. Aspects to be tested include copy, voice, media, or keywords

Lead magnet

A lead magnet is any type of helpful content gated by a form, where a user must fill out the form to get the content

Types of Landing Pages We Build

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