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Our Four Excellent Processes Of Giving You The Perfect Brand

An easy guide to get your branding without doing too much

Stage 1


We’ll email you our design questionnaire as soon as we shake hands so that we can learn more about your business, your target market, and how you want your brand to be seen.

We spend quality time finding out the perfect visual that will attract your potential clients and also tell them what makes you unique from your competitors.

Stage 2

Moodboards and concepts

Next we will then create 2-3 “moodboards” composed of various custom made graphics and styling elements that will show different directions for the further development of the brand. These moodboards will also incorporate logos, collages and examples of using the styles.

Stage 3


We implement the feedback received for the moodboards to derive the final creative direction. Once this is decided, we will proceed with making the various design concepts required. We will go through this process for all of the design assets in the scope.

Stage 4


Once all of the branding assets are finalised we will then create a pdf brochure including information on all of the styles and assets as well as guidelines on how they should be used. We will also create a drive folder with all of the source files and share that with you.

Logo only


If you’re a new business ready to kickstart your adventure, give this a shot!

Full brand identity


Looking for a full brand identity that will make your business stand out? This is your plan



Elevate your business with a professional brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

Featured designs

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Why does a logo design cost much?

Working with a professional design firm like Arete as opposed to a regular logo designer will make a significant difference in terms of quality and service. Creating a logo, whether with or without assistance from outside sources, is a multi-step, iterative process that includes discussions, research, brainstorming, rough sketches, many design concepts, revisions, and much more. Because of this, bespoke logo packages can differ greatly not just in terms of cost—from practically free to hundreds of thousands of dollars—but also in terms of the time and work required to complete the task.

Why is a logo crucial to my brand's image?

Simply put, creating a cohesive logo involves mixing various elements including text, graphics, colors, and symbols. Each component is arranged cohesively to create a distinctive business logo that reflects the goals and objectives of your organization. As the public face of your business, it represents you in communications and promotes a distinctive brand identity. On your website, brochure, business card, label, letterhead, and other marketing materials, you can use your expert logo. Business logos that are well-designed can attract attention for all the right reasons. It first helps in their understanding of who you are as a company.

Will I eventually be the owner of my logo?

Your finalized logo will indeed be yours. However, we do not provide any assistance with patent or trademark registration as this is a distinct and voluntary process on your end.

What happens if I need more revisions?

You might work with a team or a partner, which occasionally results in multiple visions. You occasionally might come up with ideas during discussions that come up in the middle of the procedure. The designs we've created thus far might undergo significant revisions in that case. Beyond the predetermined number of modifications, if you need more changes or concepts to be created, you'll be charged per hour. You will be shown this after a discussion of the additional revisions and designs that have been submitted for your approval before working those extra hours.

What do I need to do to get the best logo for my brand?

To ensure you receive the ideal logo design for you, write a precise and thorough brief for the design of your logo, determine your budget, and offer direct, constructive feedback to designers throughout the creative process. The outcomes will be better the more information you include in your logo design brief and the more input you give!

Do you solely work with local clients?

We are open to local and international clients. We take satisfaction in our work and in being able to collaborate with clients from around the globe to create their logos.

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