Is the biggest challenge in blockchain branding?

The development, administration, and execution of distributed applications are all possible on a decentralized platform called a blockchain. Typically, each blockchain platform includes a unique coin that powers transactions on the blockchain network. Anyone with the necessary skills can build a blockchain platform and, consequently, their own coin.

Cryptocurrencies are merely another tradable good, much like gold, diamonds, or pork bellies, but unlike traditional currencies, they are not governed or controlled by governments or banks, and the transactions are anonymous.

At the beginning of 2021, there were reportedly more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in use, and more and more are continuously being introduced.

The difficulty, in my opinion, for companies hoping to capitalize on the blockchain boom is not just getting themselves taken seriously and understood, but also doing the same for their entire sector.

You might have the technology that would revolutionize blockchain and alter the course of history, but will this be possible if the rest of the world doesn’t accept you as a legitimate expert or isn’t interested in learning more?

Many in the corporate world are rightfully wary of blockchain promises made on the cheap. Before doing business with a blockchain company, both investors and customers want to have all of their doubts dispelled.

Basic branding principles might serve as a starting point for blockchain enterprises to address these warnings.

First and foremost, it isn’t about the blockchain startup; it’s about me, the client or investor. I must consider my “why,” not yours. So please don’t start by bragging about your cutting-edge technology or yourself. Tell me what’s in it for me first.

Also, inform me about your brand’s history. what makes you unique? What is the connection between my why and your why? Your visual assets should intuitively convey all of that information to me, and their consistency and pertinent messaging should show professionalism. Make me feel it, on a deep, personal, emotional, and intellectual level, not merely convince me that you are the greatest option for me.Blockchain businesses that invest in brand are the ones that will remain standing when the market has matured.

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